Kelsey | Senior

Kelsey and I met up a couple of weeks ago—yes, yes, we all know I am behind on blogging—to shoot her senior portraits. Of course, we had lots of fun exploring parts of Newburyport that I never get to photograph:) Your probably thinking what I am thinking, and I am not sure how I have gotten the most gorgeous seniors ever this year…but I’m not complaining;) I hope you like these Kelsey…you were nothing short of amazing to photograph!!

Meet Kelsey.

Great body language here…just fun!

Ugh, some girls just get ALL of the good genes;)

A little mural action. I can always find a mural;)

Love this one:)

Wow…are you serious?!?!

I always go behind buildings…people think I am crazy…but I love things like a stack of painters ladders.

Wow…just wow!

Mmmmm…I just love a red wall—err—underneath of a boat.

Are you kidding me?