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Topsfield Engagement Photos :: Vanessa & Chris

Vanessa and Chris are amazingly fun, awesomely cool and collected, and a gorgeous couple. We got a session with incredible light (I’ve been getting so lucky with my light lately) and a great spot (the Audubon in Topsfield), and if it weren’t for the somewhat oppressive heat an the horseflies from hell it probably would have been perfect. Thank goodness Vanessa and Chris are so great that they made the session kind of perfect anyway:)

I know…they are going to be so fabulous on their wedding day right?!?!


Vanessa said she loved my photos in fields…so we found a great one for her!

We literally ran to this spot to get out of a horsefly swarm. Worth it I think;)

Don’t they look happy and relaxed?

This is one of my favorite spots and I loooouuurrrvve this image.

Love it!

I love that my clients are willing to climb rocks and such for a great shot.

Vanessa, you are beautiful! Totally gorgeous.


So here is some of that light I was talking about. Amazing right?!?!

I even like it in black and white.

  • Yvonne Green - Lexi, You did a spectacular job! I love every one of the photos. I can’t even begin to pick a favorite one. Of course, you matched the perfect location to the couple. Vanessa & Chris love to be outdoors & on the move. They look like they could be doing a jeans advertisement. Look out Tommy Hillfigger! I can just imagine how amazing the Wedding photos will be. Thank you for giving us the wonderful gift of your talent. ~Yvonne Green(mother of the bride)

  • Chris LaMalfa - W-O-W!

    Great job Lexi. We love all the photos!

  • Paul - Beautiful pictures guys!!!!
    Love you both

  • Vanessa - Wow. Lexi, you are truly amazing at what you do. Chris and I couldn’t be happier with the pictures. We are thrilled to have you photograph our wedding!

  • Paul Sr - Love it Chris! The photographer did a great job!

  • Jessica Kenyon - Awesome pictures Chris and Vanessa! Good job to the photographer, you guys both look amazing:)

  • Auntie Deb - They are absolutely amazing! You guys look wonderful and the photography is breaktaking! Love you,Auntie

  • Caitlin Moses - What amazing shots! Vanessa, you look beautiful as always and happier than ever with Chris! Congrats to you both, now I really can’t wait to celebrate! xoxo

  • Janelle - These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! I couldn’t be happier for my sister and brother-in-law! Lexi you captured the moment perfectly! I cannot wait for the big day, 2 months to go!! xoxo

  • Danny Green - The pictures are absolutely beautiful! Vanessa, I can see that you get your looks from me :):)

  • Chris Jones - Great photos! Can’t wait for the wedding!

  • Jeanne - Amazing! Just absolutely breathtaking.

  • Keller - These are wonderful pictures. They made me think of how amazing the East Coast scenery is, and how much I miss it.

  • Madilyn and Henry Choun - These pictures are fabulous. Did you see Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in that meadow? :)

  • Andrea Sherman - Wow! These are so lovely! Just like the two of you:)

  • Jon Sherman - Looking good!

  • Janet LaMalfa - You caught the very essence of Chris and Vanessa. These photos are absolutely gorgeous..

    Janet (Mother of the Groom)

  • Tricia - All of these pictures look amazing! I can hardly wait to see what your wedding pictures are going to look like!

  • Adam - These are absolutely great! We are looking forward to the wedding.

    See you soon!

  • Kate Adams - These pictures are amazing. You too are a gorgeous couple! I’m so excited for the wedding! There will be many high fives to come. In fact, these pictures deserve a high five.

  • Hazel LaMalfa - I think it’s great. You look beautiful and good luck to the both of you.

    Love, Grammy (Grandmother of the Groom)

  • Karen Brouillette - Great pics!! Thanks for sharing

    Karen & Bob

  • camille garro - What beautiful photography with beautiful people! Love both color and black & white, sideways, upside down, just can’t go wrong! Kudos to the photographer for such creativity.
    Can’t wait to share this special day with such a special couple.
    Love you- Camille

  • Dana Schmorrow - Beautiful pictures! and beuatiful people in them! Love you guys!Cant wait for the wedding. Love Dana

  • Jaime - GORGEOUS PHOTOS!!! Vanessa and Chris both look amazing!!!!! LOVE THEM!!

  • Stacie LaMalfa - Absolutely breathtaking! Chris & Vanessa, you’re gorgeous. Lexi, you certainly captured the natural beauty of C&V. Amazing!

  • Jennifer Marston - These pictures are absolutely amazing! Such a beautiful couple. Looking forward to your wedding day and can’t wait to see the wedding pictures.

  • Erin O'Shea - These pictures are absolutely amazing, you both look great!

  • Julie Q - These are seriously some of the best engagement pics I’ve ever seen! You make a beautiful couple!

  • Stacey Romano - Awesome gorgeous photos! Love u two!

  • Ashley Moduno - Absolutely gorgeous! These are amazing.

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