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Copley Plaza Wedding Photos :: Mandi & Dan

I met Ashleigh a few years ago during my limited stint living in Los Angeles. For all of the many things I disliked about LA, Ashleigh was one of the few things I really liked. :) She is tiny and fierce and an uber talented photographer. I have watched her business grow leaps and bounds over the last few years and I was so honored when she asked me to associate shoot for her at her friend Mandi’s wedding here in Boston last summer. Ashleigh was in the bridal party so although she photographed the moments when she didn’t have to be in front of the camera, I was there to photograph and fill in all the rest. :)

Mandi and Dan were so easy to photograph—super in love, smiling all the time, and they merely had to look at each other for fireworks to go off. :) They are both talented actors as well and so they’re pretty comfortable in front of the camera. Let’s get to the photos!



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Eastern Point Yacht Club Wedding Photos :: Jen & Jeremy

The second wedding I had the opportunity to second shoot last season was also with Lindsey. This beautiful nautical wedding ended up on Style Me Pretty and it is easy to see why. :) Jen and Jeremy thought of every little detail and made the whole evening stress free for their guests. It did rain a little—alright, I’m lying, it poured :( —but the whole day was still gorgeous!

Look at these awesome welcome bags. I mean, chocolate pops shaped like lobsters…adorable!


Vineyard Vines ties and silver rope cufflinks. Jeremy had such classy accents. Untitled-2

Yuengling beer cake! This was before Yuengling actually made it’s way to Boston last month—now it’s everywhere.


I’m funny…obviously.


Loved this moment before Jen walked it into the church.Untitled-4DSC_7023

The whole bridal party under umbrellas. Not gonna lie, I love an umbrella photo.DSC_7156

The girls each had a bouquet made up of a different flower that was in Jen’s bouquet. Such a thoughtful detail. Untitled-7DSC_7227

Seriously, all of the nautical details were amazing.


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Guinness is FIVE!!!

I cannot believe that my baby pup is 5 years old! Happy birthday Guinness! For some reason I seem to only celebrate his birthday on the blog every other year. ;) Here he is at one and here he is at three. :) His birthday was actually on April Fool’s Day but I couldn’t celebrate with him that day so we waited (and he really doesn’t know the difference anyway).

Yes…that’s a dog cupcake (no judgement please), and there he is with his very favorite snack…Goldfish!Untitled-23

Guinness has been the most amazing companion over the last five years. He has seen me through some of my toughest moments as an adult, and some of my happiest. He has moved across the country with me…and then back. I have changed vehicles (twice), lived in a country farmhouse with a huge backyard and downsized to a small city apartment with no yard. He’s still stinky, takes regular dust baths (much to my chagrin), pulls constantly when we run together, and boofs at me when he’s mad. But he is most definitely the best cuddle bug EVER and I have lots of happy pup photos to show you.

And here we are having a cuddle party on the couch this week. Yawns, kisses, and all. :)IMG_8278

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Michelle - Happy Birthday Guinness!April 13, 2014 – 8:34 AM

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Boston Wedding Photos :: Katie & Mike

As a wedding photographer I’ve ended up with a lot of wedding photographer friends (win #1). As a result of that, I have an awesome pool of fantastically talented friends when I need a second shooter (win #2) and I try to offer my time as a second shooter for my friends as well. I second shoot at least a few events each season but I don’t often get around to posting the photos (and can’t promise that I always will) but I had some extra time these last couple of weekends (thank goodness) and so I’m sharing a few weddings with my blog family. :)

We’ll start with the lovely Katie and Mike that I second shot with the fabulous Lindsey. Lindsey is my bestie and we often second shoot together, which is the most fun. Just imagine working with the person that always makes you laugh the hardest…it makes for a terrific workday. :) And her couple Katie and Mike were absolutely wonderful. So comfortable together, totally gorgeous, and didn’t worry a single moment about the rain on their wedding day. Here’s a very small snippet of their wedding—because most of the time I was being a diligent second shooter and was holding an umbrella. :)

The guysLDP_5062LDP_5083

Loved that the girls rocked it without the umbrellas for a few shots!LDP_5687

Gorgeous Katie…just look at her laugh!Untitled-9

Gray and purple was such a nice color combo for the spring. I also really liked the different tie clips for each guy. Untitled-10LDP_5780

This was my favorite moment…big love.LDP_5843

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