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Yes it’s April fools day…but it’s also Guinness’s birthday! Today my baby turns 7…SEVEN!!! I have no idea how that happened, I’m not understanding how this sweet baby puppy turned into a full grown adult dog with lots of gray on his chin. I have so many things to say about this pup—about his sweetness, the way his tail always runs in a circle when he’s really happy, and especially the weird walrus sounds he makes when you scratch his back or rub his belly—but what comes to mind is mostly that I love him probably more than anyone should love another earthly being. Way more. And if I could carry him around in my pocket all day as a miniature-sized-Guinness I would be the happiest lady in all the land. But then again, he wouldn’t be such a fantastic pillow if he was miniature sized so I’ll leave him just a little bit overweight and deal with the fact that he steals most of the couch. :)

  • amy leroy - happy birthday, guinness!!!! such a cute post!!!!


The flu. Do you remember the flu? I didn’t, in fact I haven’t had one for over 20 years (just saying that makes me feel old) so imagine my surprise when I came down with the flu a few days after this wedding (unrelated to the wedding, I blame my students). I was fever-ridden and couch-bound for days and although I watched lots and lots of movies I can’t tell you a single plot line because I’m not sure I was awake long enough to actually understand any one movie. Ugh. Why am I telling you this? Because every time I woke from a fever sleep I remembered that I wasn’t able to work on Denny & James’ awesome wedding and the fact that the flu was keeping me from sharing this fantastic wedding with you just made me mad…and then I would fall back into a tea-induced coma. So now you know why I’m posting this a little later than usual.

Let’s just say that I really love love. There is something about two happy people that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :) There were moments in this wedding—lots of them actually—where I started to tear up and had to regain my composure: their vows being one of those moments, the dance with Denny’s mom and how he shared his dance with James because James’ mom wasn’t able to attend, during the toasts when all of their friends shared sentimental stories…so yeah I was kind of crying a lot! Denny & James chose to have their wedding at The Dorrance in Providence and this is a stunning location. Tons of natural architectural details—tall windows, ornate moldings, a grand mezzanine, a vault left over from the bank it once was, not to mention the great food and all of the beautiful details that Denny & James’ brought to it. Eeeeek, this post may be a bit of a detail overload. Sorry not sorry.

We ended up with a gorgeous, fairly warm day for their photos. This winter has been very strange with weather and although the day started rainy and overcast it ended somewhere in the 40’s with sunshine peeking through the gray sky…gorgeous! Denny & James both had amazing wedding parties and I loved their entire group (I do happen to know a bunch of people on Denny’s side and you may even recognize a few of them from this very blog). We got to walk around downtown Providence for a while taking photos and I love the photos we got. :) Okay, I’ve warned you about the overload of photos, yes? Enjoy!

Favorite Moments:

• Watching the guys figure out how to tie bowties.
• James and Denny wrote their own vows…love
• The first dance—it’s always a favorite but I just loved the emotion in this one
• The constant laughter. This wedding was full of laughter from the beginning to end—the toasts, the ceremony, the dancing, the photo shoot—all laughter. :)


I love this group! This is me with a group of seven couples that I have photographed (or will be photographing in the near future). It’s moments like this when I have an entire group of people that have allowed me to share in their most special moments that I remember why it is that I do this whole crazy wedding photography business. It’s for all of you. I adore you all!denny_james_553


Suits: Suit Supply
Wedding party dresses: JCrew
Flowers: Friend of the couple :: Cheri Hurtubise
Venue: The Dorrance

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    I feel the love and the fun!
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Love love love this session! If anyone has ever said that a little rain can damper a session…well, they clearly have never met Carrie & Kevin. ;) We met up on a rather dreary day a few weeks ago but we all were pretty happy it wasn’t snow or ice. We chose Bearskin Neck in Rockport as the location because this little nook is always quant and adorable, not matter what the weather. Carrie & Kevin are from out of town so they flew in for this session and we were not about to let some drizzle bother us. I get to photograph these two again later this year and I can’t wait!

Favorite Things:

• Carrie’s gorgeous sapphire engagement ring…you’ll get a good peek at it toward the end.
• Umbrella photos make me smile. :)
• I’m a sucker for a good tartan print scarf and it adds the perfect pop of brightness for Carrie’s outfit, LOVE!


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