Andrea & Dana | 06.27.08

Okay…so here are the images from Andrea and Dana’s very fun wedding last weekend at the Hellenic Center in Ipswich:) My laptop was a ridiculous mess and so decided to wait until I got home to actually start working on the images…and let me tell you…you’re in for a fun one! Alright, here are few faves!

Dress and details.

The amazing flowers by Pepperberrys. If you are looking for a great florist, Donna is definitely your woman!

Aaahhh, just look at these details. Andrea really thought of everything for her wedding day…gorgeous!

Um…love it!

Superman anyone?

The girls, looking hot…obviously;)

I love that Simon grabbed this from above…so timeless! That is Andrea’s mom walking her down the stairs, I think that is such a nice touch:)

Man & wife…need I say more!

So, while Andrea was getting ready the clouds moved in and it started to POUR outside. She had to have her ceremony inside but she kept saying “I just want my photos outside.” Well, someone listened and during the ceremony the clouds opened up and we got the most amazing golden light for photos…oh, I just love my job:) So here are the bridal party shots. I told you about the fun bridal party right?!?! Here they are doing an awesome jump. Come on now…check out that serious air that they caught:)

And running…directly at me! (You have to click on this one to get the full effect.)

This is my favorite image of Andrea…doesn’t she look beautiful! I think this is such a real and relaxed portrait of her.

A traditional walk in the trees.

This is my favorite from the day. It is just a great natural laugh that they are engaged in here.

Mmmm…just look at that grain.

American Gothic

Here is where we got our idea from…yeah, that’s just how we roll. Postmodernists.

Okay, so Andrea & Dana are definitely NOT traditional. They wanted fun, natural, REAL images of them on their wedding day. So Simon decided it might be fun to do a “faces” grid. We LOVE these…so much fun!

And onto the dancing…

Andrea and Dana, thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of your day. I knew from your engagement session that your wedding was going to be a TON of fun and you definitely did not let us down. I really had to scale this blog post down because I could have done an entire grid on just Andrea’s faces and expressions during dancing. I also could have done the same with Meg…you totally know it’s true Meg:) Anyway, we hope you enjoyed your honeymoon and that you enjoy your peek at your images!