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Jim | senior

Well, this is also a very special post for me. Does this guy look familiar to anyone? This is Simon’s youngest brother (I used to say little brother until he started towering over my husband). We had a lot of fun shooting the other day and I think these came out great–although I have to admit that I CANNOT BELIEVE that you are going to be a senior in high school next year Jim! Where does the time go? Thanks for trespassing everywhere with me Jim! Oh come on now, you know that trespassing for the sake of a good photo has always been my motto:)


I like this one…I told him to smile for his mom.

Cool light…these first few were done in my backyard by the way:) You know how I love barns right…I might have even bought my house solely on the fact that there is a small decrepit barn in the backyard)

Because everybody loves a rusted red trailer.

Definitely my favorite spot. Jim thought I was crazy because I loved this large rusted plow…but LOOK at these images. Totally hot Jim!


A boy and his guitar. Check out that rad wall behind him…peeling paint you know is my favorite!

And because everybody needs to kick it in a beautiful field…seriously, this field is pretty awesome:)

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