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Alyssa | Senior

I met up with Alyssa in Newburyport to do her senior portrait shoot in the middle of last week. We had been rained out/rescheduled 3 times before we finally found a day that worked, but boy was it a gorgeous afternoon. We had fun in a couple of fields (possibly private property fields) and then headed to my favorite painted brick wall with peeling paint (my little secret as to where it is). I have to say Alyssa, you have the most “looks” of anyone I have ever shot. There is such a variety in your photos—I love it! Anyway, despite the noseeum bites (sorry Alyssa) everything went awesome, here are a few photos to look at:)

Check out those eyes…gorgeous!

This might be my favorite of you Alyssa, something about your look here totally blows me away!
For fun:)

We found this field of wild purple flowers—or purple loostrife weeds as most people call them—and Alyssa was awesome about crawling through the tall grass and weeds for these shots. I just love the color and her look here.

Love that peeling paint.


That’s my wall…I just love me some vintage;)

This is my favorite of the day, you look amazing in this shot Alyssa…amazing!

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