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Anthony | Senior

Anthony was also along to do his senior portraits when I was shooting Josh’s session last week. It was kind of fun to switch between the two guys and make sure that they were getting similar (but different) images for their senior portrait sessions. I always like a challenge like that:) Anyway, here are a few favorites, sorry this took an extra day getting out Anthony.

Great traditional portrait. Hey, you have to do a few:)

I’m a sucker for loading docks:)


Love how this looks with vintage processing.

We’re not going to talk about how Anthony got up in that doorway. Ugh, photographing boys is so very different!

Great smile here.

Okay, these next three I just couldn’t choose between. They all have a different feel and I like them all for different reasons so I posted them all.

Seriously Ant…that look?!?! Another favorite!

Love this one, it’s just very natural!

Okay, okay, we trespass…a little.

Made ya laugh:)

There’s something about this window and the sticks that makes this image so interesting and a little bit haunting to me. I don’t know, some images are just like that.
Thanks Anthony for a fun session of shooting. You guys were all great in front of the camera and I hope you like these! There will be a few of the three of you guys in a couple of days…if I can get caught up on all of my blogging by then!

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