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Jacqui | Model Shoot

I have known Jacqui since she was a little girl and so she totally blew me away on this shoot! Jacqui is actually Matt’s older sister, so it was funny that they both needed photo sessions in the same month:) Jacqui, I have to tell you that you are AMAZING in front of the camera—seriously, I don’t think there is a bad photo in the whole bunch! We went to a few locations and got some great shots with absolutely perfect shooting weather…Jacqui constantly had “model” wind blowing on her. Sorry these took so long to get up Jacqui, I just couldn’t decide on which ones to blog. Anyway, onto the photos.

Doesn’t she have a gorgeous smile?

Okay, I can’t even handle this one…lourrrvvve it!

Because everybody should pose next to a cool antique car in a parking lot!

I’m not sure what it is about these next two that I just love—it might be because they feel very real to me:)

When your boots match the peeling paint you have to work it out!

A little vintage action.

I LOVE this one! Yes, I realize that the piece of hay is distracting, but I love her expression behind it and the feel of it.

Up close. Yes, she is even that beautiful up close, there were like zero imperfections to have to edit. Gosh you make me depressed Jacqui;)

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