Matt | senior

I have known Matt since we was a little guy. And by little guy, I really mean that he was very small. So imagine my surprise when this 6’5″ guy walks up to give me a hug!!! I knew that Matt was tall, but I haven’t seen him in probably close to a year so I was definitely surprised by his height. I guess they are just growing them larger now a days…seriously:) In any event, Matt was a fantastic model for me and I was psyched to be photographing his senior portraits (okay…again…where does the time go–Matt was 6 years old when I first met him). We walked around Haverhill to get a good selection of brick and peeling paint, gosh I just love to shoot in this town! Anyway, I know that you are waiting to see these Lisa so here is a sneak peek:)

This was funny…I had to stand on my tippy-toes to make sure that not every photo was shot from waaaaaayyyyy below:)

Definitely one of my favorites from the day…lourvvvee it!

Great vintage feel. I love Matt’s look in this one too.

One of my favorite doorways in Haverhill, isn’t that peeling paint awesome?!?!

Seriously…that look!

When you find a rusty old grill you should always take a photo next to it;)

Great natural smile:)

This was mom’s idea and I thought it was great!