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Mira | belly

Mira is a good friend of mine. I photographed her wedding last year and she is already due to have her baby this September:) BTW, I was the first one to tell her she was pregnant…it was New Year’s eve and she kept telling me she was nauseous all night and I kept saying, “well, that’s ’cause your pregnant.” And guess who was right?!?! We got to photograph the other morning (that was big for me…you know how I hate mornings) and the light was great and the weather was mostly cooperative–until the end, then it was very hot in that field:) Anyway, here are the photos. Maternity sessions are so much fun and you look absolutely FABULOUS Mira!

You know I couldn’t resist a little flare.

There is something about this one that I just really love!

Oh, and this one too:)

Okay, my very fav from the day! Seriously Mira, see how amazing you look!

Vintage-y old polaroid look.

Mira has such a great laugh!

Here’s the color version of the teaser…I just love this shot…lourrrvvve it!


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