O’Keefe Family Portraits

I have known this couple for a really long time. I have known Tim since he was called Timmy and was a regular fixture during our family dinners as a child. Tim was my next door neighbor (his father still lives next door to my parents) and he was actually friends with my older brother and sister. He met Mere in college and I remember spending lots of lazy summer days hanging out (trying to be cool) with my sister and brother and Tim and Mere;) When you have known someone for that long it is really neat to see them grow into a family and even cooler when they call you one day to photograph that beautiful family. We shot these last week on a gorgeous sunny day, but CY wasn’t feeling well and even had a terrible fever because CS had the fever and flu last week. So we cut the session short and will continue on another day soon. But anyway, onto the photos:)



Dad and CS…don’t you just love CS’s face here. What is that look?!?!

Mom and CY…we did get a few of her smiling before she was just too hot to sit in the field anymore:(

Who’s that upside-down baby?

This is a great family portrait. We did a traditional one but I love how CS is on mom’s back and grabbing her tight…adorable:)

I couldn’t decide if I like it better in color or black and white because CY’s dress is reflecting super magenta light onto Tims face…but I like the warmth of the color. I couldn’t decide so I decided to post them both.

LOVE this one!!!

Oh…and this one:)

Oh…and this one…okay, okay, I kinda love them all:)

Fun! This is my very favorite from the shoot. I love the natural and real moment between the kids and the parents. It’s a tangle of limbs and laughter…love it!

And traditional.

This one is sweet:)

My favorite of you Mere…lourrvvve it!

I spy…well…actually…what are you guys spying? (This is Simon’s favorite.)

I love that CY is talking in this shot and it feels like she would go anywhere with mom.

On the way back to the car I grabbed this shot.