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Steph & Brennan | 08.08.08

This was a really fun wedding! Steph had meticulously planned this wedding and had beautiful details. Everything was black, green, and white. Very crisp, and very beautiful! They had a gorgeous tent in Armstrong-Kelley park in Osterville, MA. They had an Irish band and I was so impressed with how many of the guests knew how to do the Irish jig and the riverdance as well. Impressive! There was also a lot of spinning involved–you’ll see what I mean;) Thank you Steph and Brennan for sharing your day with us, we had a blast. We hope you are enjoying your honeymoon in Peter Island.

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Stephanie, upon viewing her dress.

This moment never fails to make me smile:)

Very Cape cod;)

Um, yeah…seriously?!?! Those skies were amazing. I actually shot in RAW to make sure that I could pull them in (for those of you who know me, you know this never happens).

Get it!

There’s a little story behind this one. Steph and Brennan actually had a great trolley (that we did some images of) but it broke down at the church and couldn’t take them to the beach for formals. Soooooo the bridal party rode in style…in the guest bus:)


Really great first dance…really great! This couple was awesome on the dance floor! And that dip…I told you the dip in the grass was just a show of things to come;)

We really liked the shadows on the tent…it has such a romantic feel to it.

Ring detail. Steph and Brennan met in school together where they were both studying landscape architecture, so we went with that whole crunchy-granola feel;)

Cake mashing…check out the cake action they BOTH get! Although I think you can tell that Steph is really gonna give it to Brennan in that first shot. When Irish eyes are smiling…

Onto the dancing.

Oh, and the spinning. Man-o-man the spinning. I couldn’t believe how fast some of these couples were going…and going…and going! Very fun!

My favorite end of the night shot EVER!!! Simon grabbed this one and I just love the emotion in it…gorgeous.

Dress: Romona Keveza
Bridesmaids dresses: J Crew
Cake: Cape Cod Cakes
Band: The Shenanagans
Venue: Armstrong-Kelly Park, Osterville, MA
Tent: Sperry Tent Company

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