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Weekend Teasers

Simon and I shot two fantastic weddings this weekend on the Cape…I love cape weddings! Both of these weddings were awesome and I am so excited to blog both of them. Anyway, here are a couple of teasers from each wedding since it might take me a little longer to get them both blogged. I’m working overtime, I promise, but here are a couple of favorites from Stephanie & Brennan’s 08.08.08 wedding and Sara & Josh ‘s 08.09.08 wedding.

Steph & Brennan shot some of their formals at the beach…I love that sea grass, it has such a Cape Cod feel and they had perfect light! BTW, check out that awesome dip–apparently this was a show of things to come;)

Sara & Josh held their ceremony and reception at the Old Yarmouth Inn, which has its very own chapel in back. Kelley chapel is definitely one of the coolest chapels we have shot in, it totally has that old new england look…love it:)

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