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Danielle & Charlie | Engagement

What a beautiful afternoon this was! I met up with Danielle and Charlie after school one afternoon. A funny side story is that Danielle actually attended the high school that I teach at and took photography with the teacher that I replaced (and who I still chat with all the time—in fact, he substituted for my classes last week when I was out). When I first met Danielle I said, “so you know my darkroom huh?” And she replied, “you mean my darkroom.” That’s my type of girl!!! Anyway, here are a few to look at of the amazingly photogenic couple. No really, they were—sometimes a couple just makes my job SUPER easy and this one definitely did:)

Meet Charlie and Danielle.

Love these laughs between kisses…it’s so natural and real:)

Isn’t Danielle going to make a beautiful bride?


Love her look here.

Cuddles and smiles!

You know how I love the story that hands tell.

This has such a late summer look to it, doesn’t it? I love the late summer colors.

Can you get any greener?!?!

Um…hellooooo blue eyes;)


Danielle and Charlie, I hope you like the sneak peek! I’ll see you this weekend at Lauren and Pat’s wedding:)

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