Laura & Adam | 09.12.08

Laura and Adam have known each other for a number of years. They actually met in high school but didn’t start dating until later in their college years. Simon went to high school with these two and Laura was part of the “girl” friend group that I hung out with then—when we didn’t want to hang with the guys:) In any event, although they ended up with a rainy wedding day they also totally rocked it out! Thank you Laura and Adam for inviting us to be a part of your day and for being so easy to work with and playing in the rain with us. And a special thanks to Laura for walking in the wet grass in her beautiful wedding gown without a single complaint…you’re so rad!

Laura had these beautiful flowers pinned into her hair…it was a really nice touch.

You know, everyone needs a little icing:)

The cake that was actually made by a friend of the couple. Nice work!

I love this shot (thanks babe)! It is very hard at this moment in the ceremony to give a real kiss because the couple is being watched by all of the wedding guests and has cameras pointed at them…totally understandable. But every once in a while we get a couple who just goes for it! So this shot…this feels like a real kiss to me. I love Laura’s hand on the back of Adam’s head, it just feels VERY genuine.
The bridal party rockin’ it out!

Laura and Adam still really wanted a few fun/outrageous photos so we had to do a jumping one regardless of the weather:)

I love this one of the girls.

Umbrellas make for such a nice frame in the camera.

A little traditional. Yes, we can do traditional shots;)
Look at the way they look at each other—are you serious!


Love the movement in this one and the vintage effect.

Here’s a more traditional one of the same shot…still hot!

I love when a couple can smile through their entire day despite any weather difficulties…look at them laughing:)

Little bit of vintage here…and I love the way the raindrops on the top of the umbrella show through. My view.

Simon’s view.
Lourrvvee it!

This wasn’t the first dance. This was just a spur of the moment circle dance and I just happened to be on the balcony looking down. The movement here is awesome!

And we can never be without the dancing:)


Flowers: Bowler and Jones
Venue: Atkinson Country Club
Cake: Family friend
DJ: Ra-mu and the Crew