Marissa | Senior

I have had a crazy few weeks of shooting and editing and starting teaching again, so I am so sorry that all of my posts have taken a little longer than normal to get up. This is the last post to get me up to date, but I have three shoots coming in the next few days…so we’ll see if I can stay on top of them:)

Anyway, here is Marissa. Marissa is actually Jim’s girlfriend and it was so much fun to photograph her! Yes, besides being beautiful she is totally sweet—and tons of fun to boot:) I chuckled when I first met her because it was no surprise to me that Jim would choose a brunette who can tan. I swear, something about a tanned girl really attracts those Savelyev boys:) Anyway, onto Marissa’s shoot.

When your session starts with a laugh like this you know it is going to rock!

Loving that blue and orange. And no, we didn’t cross the caution tape. Come on now people…I have some ethics;)

I saw this mural and knew it would be perfect for Marissa’s shoot…isn’t it fun?

Love this series…she has such a great laugh:)

There’s something about this one for me…I just really like it.

A little more traditional.

Parking garages are tons of fun!

Definitely a favorite—you look gorgeous in this shot Marissa, gorgeous!

I love a girl who can rock out a plow tractor! Yes, we have plow TRACTORS not trucks:)

I heart this field…it looks so different in every shoot for me…love it!

Um…could you have painted a better backdrop?!?!

Love her look here and the hair just licking across her face.

This is another favorite of mine Marissa, you look so natural and so real in this photo:)

Perfect light and a perfect sky.

Simon’s favorite…this shot has a great feel. Doesn’t that grass look so soft and comfy blowing in the wind?

Marissa, I have a few great images of you and Jim together but I figured I would give your shoot a proper post first:) They’ll be up in the next couple of days. Enjoy the sneak peek!