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Danielle & Jeff | 10.04.08

Danielle and Jeff were married at their beautiful home in Norwalk, CT. I was recommended to them through a friend—thanks Jeni—and actually did not meet them until their wedding day. This was the last wedding that I booked for 2008 and I am so glad that I got to share in their day. Danielle and Jeff, thank you for inviting me and Simon to share in your day…we loved capturing all of your beautiful details, intimate moments, and fun emotions! We hope you like the sneak peek—oh, and hold on folks, this is a long post;)

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We’ll start with just a few (haha) details. This is the set up over their porch.
This was the satin lined box that the flowers came it…I thought it looked so great!

The girls were wearing great dresses and awesome fushia pink shoes so I had to grab a fun detail of the girls shoes.

Some of their amazing details. Ruth Ridgeway was their event designer and she did an impeccable job!

Danielle just before the ceremony. Simon grabbed this shot and I love the honesty in her body language here.

Danielle and her father.

This was Jeff’s reaction when Danielle first appeared through the door:)

Um, do you think they might be happy to be married? I love when couples just really go for the kiss! My view.
Simon’s view.

The hot bridal party. They look so great!

The girls…oww!
The gentlemen.

Does anyone else think that Danielle looks just like a Hilfiger model in this shot?

I love this one too and I couldn’t decide.

This might be my favorite…I just love how she is looking at him!
They have the best front door!

I love that this is back-focused on Danielle’s eyelashes and Jeff’s right eye. Totally on purpose I’m sure, right Simon?

I asked Jeff to spin Danielle and I love the entire series and the flare…oh the flare!

Their first dance was pretty awesome. I shut my flash off so I could get some motion and I LOVE the movement here!

We grabbed this just before the light faded.

Some dancing shots


Venue: Private Residence | Norwalk, CT
Gown: Paloma Blanca
Bridesmaids dresses: Ann Taylor
Mens ties: Vineyard Vines
Flowers: Ruth Ridgeway
Event designer: Ruth Ridgeway
Catering: Basso Cafe

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