Lauren & Mike Engagement

So fun! I met up with Lauren & Mike on one of those great overcast fall days. We had a ton of fun running around Amesbury and visiting one of my very favorite fields:) These two are sooooo in love. It is an absolute joy to photograph them and I am looking forward to their wedding next month. I hope you two like these…you both just exude love for one another!

Yes, yes…we all know about my obsession with loading docks;)

Hot Lauren…hot!

I love that you can see Mike’s claddagh ring in this shot.

Mike is quite a bit taller than Lauren and we were having a little fun with it here!

I love that just her right eye is in focus here…such a great use of back focusing—totally on purpose of course;)


Love that color!

Look at how they look at one another…are you serious?

Lourrrvvve it!

Okay…okay…my FAVORITE! Wow Lauren…just wow!

Aren’t they adorable?

I love the little sprinkle of leaves around them and the deep green color of the grass. Fall is the only time you get the difference in colors like this…so beautiful!