Lisa & Chris | 10.11.08

Lisa and Chris were married on a gorgeous October day a couple of weeks ago. Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely LOVE October weddings?!?! October is my favorite month—and no, it’s not just because my birthday happens to fall in October—because the weather is so awesome and the colors are just amazing. Shooting October weddings is great—albeit a touch chilly and we have to fight against the fading light, but great nonetheless:) So here a few to look at of the amazing Lisa and Chris…who just totally rocked all day!

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The ring.
Baby Max. Seriously…adorable. This is one of my favorite shots I have ever taken…period. It feels completely…totally…100 percent real and timeless to me. For some reason I feel like this is every mom and every baby.

Stella wanted to check out her hair in the mirror…she is so cute.
Isn’t Lisa stunning? Just before Lisa’s father walked her down the aisle…I love the light here.

The girls. I love that they are just chatting and laughing here:)
The guys and Stella.You know I love peeling paint. I just can’t help myself.
I just love this one. Hott!
A little vintage.
This is not photoshop, I was actually shooting through the branches and this is the great effect it gave. Lourrrvvvve it!

A great laugh!

I love a happy kiss…and this is definitely a happy one:)
I love the color behind them here.

A very emotional and beautiful first dance.I love these next two of Stella dancing with her mom and dad.

This is a couple of great reactions during the speeches. Canadians do speeches instead of the American tradition of short toasts. Their parents, brother, best man, and maid of honor all got in on the action.
We never really take shots during the “dollar passing” but Simon grabbed this one just after he told me that “it never works anyway.”

Okay guys, you knew this one was going to make the blog! And if you didn’t then you cannot know me too well:) This is tie-singing, an un-discovered talent.

Venue: Westford Regency Inn
Gown: Pronovias
Bridesmaids dresses: Dressy Group
Flowers: Belvidere Florist
Cake: Frederick’s Pastries

So I decided that I had to grab a shot of me and a few of my amazing brides. From right is Laura, Lisa, me, and Karen (who’s engagement shoot will grace the blog really soon—once we settle on a date that doesn’t have to get rescheduled—I promise).