O’Keefe Family Portraits | session II

We were cut off in our first session because CY wasn’t feeling very well (she ended up with a 103 degree fever). So this time we met up and the kids were feeling great…but…I wasn’t feeling so well:( We finished the session and I was over for dinner when I started to feel really hot and cold. I took my temperature and it was 102.4 degrees (definitely frying some brain cells). Simon was a bit scared because in our entire 10 years together he has never seen me with an actual fever. We stayed for dinner anyway and my fever did go down a bit but I ended up spending the next few days on the couch watching bad movies. Anyway, here are a few to finish off the session and you can view their first session here:)

The only thing Mere really wanted was a shot of the two of them together…I love this one:)

CY…showing me her smile.

CS running up to the camera.

And a few natural family portraits.

I love the natural look of this. I think my favorite photos of my own family are when we are actually doing something. So many people want the traditional staged or posed photo, but I love when families want REAL images like this one. Everyone look at daddy:)