Sarah & Corey Engagement

I met up with Sarah and Corey in central square in Lynn for their engagement shoot. They have lived there for a couple of years and wanted to at least have photos in their neighborhood. They had lots of awesome ideas and we had fun walking around and popping in different places—like their favorite local diner.

Wow Sarah…check out that look!

I love their interaction here. So, so real!

This is sucha great shot. “Hmmm…do you guys mind standing in the middle of the street?”

I love the brick wall and the shadows coming down.

This one makes me smile…love that warm light.

I love Sarah’s laugh:)

Whoa…so hot!

I really liked these two images together.

Sarah and Corey’s favorite diner and a little bit of a frisky shot:)

This might be my favorite of the day. I just love the way they are looking at the camera and the background.

Have I ever told you how much I love my clients? “Hey, do you guys want to go over and stand in front of that totally rusty door?”
Lourrrvvve it!