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Jackson’s 2-month portraits

Jackson’s mom Amy called me a few weeks ago to meet about her September 2009 wedding and she brought Jackson along with her to the meeting. Needless to say I totally fell in love with him—even though he did sleep almost the entire meeting;) So we scheduled a time when I could come over and photograph him for his photo debut. So, here is baby Jackson.

This is Jackson’s “blue steel” look.

I just absolutely love how beautiful and blue his eyes are. This is such a great expression.

Look at those lashes!
Whaaaaaa! Okay, so he really didn’t like being clothed so we got this a lot when he got changed.
So sweet.

Definitely one of my favorites, I just absolutely love this look!

Love this one of him and mom.

You know…just chillin’!

I just love the breaking of the frame here…and those amazing eyes:)

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