Veronica, Joe, and baby Michael

This family was so much fun to photograph. We started in the backyard—although it was a bit cold—and then went inside to do a shoot of the little man himself. I have so many favorites from this one so it was hard to narrow it down. Here are a few to look at:)

The family. Seriously…check out those smiles:)

Baby Michael.

This was the first time he sat up alone. I loved being there to capture that moment:)

Dad and baby…these moments just warm my heart.

Michael wasn’t so sure of the leaves.

Oh…the smiles! This family was truly sooooo happy!

This is Michael’s new thing to stick out his tongue while smiling.

Does anyone else think that this just might be a happy baby?

Ha…love it!

My favorite of the day. We went back outside and I just love the candid moment happening here!