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3 weeks of Wilson

So we got Wilson when he was only 7 weeks old and he was adorable! Then came Christmas with the fam(s) and New Year’s in Maine. Then I was getting back into the swing of things and so I realized that you have seen only one measly pic of my puppy. He is the reason that me emails are slower and my blogs are almost non-existent. It’s not a lack of work (in fact I have another newborn shoot to blog soon) but a lack of time because he requires alllll of my attention. So anyway, here are the last few weeks of Wilson:)

I know, I know…I might just have the cutest puppy on the planet.

My favorite:)

Oh so sleepy on Christmas…all those kids wear him out!

Oh, I think I could just eat him up he’s so cute:)

Simon captured this one—actually most of these photos—and I think it should be the cover for a flying dog comic book;)

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