Noelle & Colin | Engagement

Noelle and Colin met up with me on a very cold day in Newburyport. We tried the boatyard but the wind was killing us down there so we went up into town to try and get some shots between the buildings (thus hiding from the wind). These two have a great connection and they kept each other warm—wink, wink—the entire time:) Noelle & Colin grew up around here but now live down in balmy North Carolina…it was 60 degrees down there the day they flew up here! Noelle and Colin, thanks for being such troopers and totally having some fun in the snow and cold with me:)

Noelle has such a great laugh…I love moments like this:)

We were behind a building and people kept coming out of the restaurant to take out trash and thinking we were nuts—hey, I’m used to that! I just love backgrounds like this.

I think that weird light really makes this photo for me. A pop of color like that is perfect!

Here is the color version of the photo from the sneak peek.

Isn’t that steam behind them rad?!?!

I can’t decide which dip photo I like better.

The almost kiss…so hot! I heart this alleyway:)