Gayle, Greg, & Hazel :: Family Session

I photographed Gayle and Greg’s wedding in May of last year and I was delighted when they contacted me a couple of months ago to shoot their first family portrait! I adore this couple—they are fun, real, and full of life! One of the best parts of my job is that I get to see my clients go from a couple to a family. Oh, I love my job! Anyway, here are a few photos:)

One of my favorites of mom and Hazel.

A great shot of the family. That fedora was also worn during their wedding:)

Beautiful Hazel. Oh, and isn’t her name awesome?!?!

This one just felt like an old polaroid to me.


Okay, my FAVORITE from the shoot! If I were to have a family portrait with my parents—which I don’t because I’m the third child and there are like no photos of me as a baby (no, I’m not bitter or anything)—this would be the photo I would have hanging on my wall as an adult. The emotion, the hands, the smiles, this image speaks volumes to me about the love in this family.

We did a few “camera-aware” photos.

Um, are we in Charleston here?

Love the brick and black shutter with Greg’s bright shirt.


Gayle, I hope you are enjoying your first day back at work! And if you do have time to check this while you’re at work—I hope these photos make you smile:)