Karen & Tommy :: Engaged

Alright, so this engagement shoot was about 9 months in the making. No seriously, we originally planned on an early October shoot!!! After the first reschedule there were sick cancellations, weather cancellations, stress cancellations, and more rain cancellations. Seriously, between the three of us we could NOT find a good day. But then, oh but then…we found a gorgeous, perfect, beautiful summer evening and the 9 month wait just made these photos that much better!

I honestly love my job and I especially love when my clients actually make my day better, just by being themselves! I’ll be honest here blog-world, I really didn’t want to go out for this shoot (hey, I’m only human)—but my hesitance was not because of Karen and Tommy at all, but just because I was tired and cranky—but when I arrived and started shooting I had so much fun. By the time I got back in my car to go home I was psyched and singing as loud as I could to the radio as I drove with all the windows rolled down in my car. Really…Karen and Tommy can make me THAT kind of happy:) I adore you two and I can’t wait to photograph your wedding next month!

I took them to an old abandoned arcade with a great field of—shall we say “stuff”—in the back. You’ll notice that I played around with my post-processing here…just trying something new and this shoot seemed perfect for it!

This was an old food stand.

And this was a rusted box that I had them lean against. You guys look great here:)

And another random old arcade game, I love the way Karen is smiling at Tommy:)

Perfect light…prefect!

I like this moment, Karen is glancing down and Tommy looks so happy.


Really, does this shot even need any words?!?! Seriously, you two are so hot! This is definitely my favorite:)

But this one plays a close second.

I heart my clients who are willing to jump on old rotting wooden pieces for me, even when they creak and crack. This was sooooo worth it Karen!

Honestly, I love that you guys trust me—and look at the result. Yup, flippin’ super models!

P.S. This is what my friend Lindsey would refer to as “sucker light.” To all of my former students who read this blog—and Lindsey’s current students—here is a great example of sucker light:)


There was perfect flare coming in here. Again with the perfect light!

A little bit of grain never hurt anyone:) I don’t know why I love this one, but I do.

This was Karen’s idea and I love that they climbed up on the lifeguard stand. So cute!