Casey :: Senior

Casey and I met up on one of those very weird August days where it pours rain outside, then the sun comes out, then it pours again. Well, thanks to my awesome luck (or maybe it was Casey’s) we got awesome weather where the sun would poke out for a few shots and then hide behind the bright clouds again. It has been so warm for all of my shoots lately that I always look like a hot mess when I get done photographing while my clients are all dewy and beautiful. Ugh, I never had that luck:( Anyway, Casey you were amazing to photograph, so comfortable in front of the camera and—as if I even need to mention—stunning!

Lo-hove these purple flowers—err…weeds.

This looks amazing even in black and white.

Can you believe these are weeds?!?!

Wow Casey…you look amazing here.

I’m so glad my clients are willing to sit in the dirt for me. The light was great in this little dirt roadway.

Okay, does anyone else think it looks like November in this photo? We kept saying that this spot was November.

These next two were taken by my intern Jess. Work it out Jess!

I just like this one, not quite sure why?

Casey, your body language here is perfect!

Couldn’t decide between the vintage color and black and white, so I put them both up.

Jess’s shot again. Great framing and angle here.

We went back to November for a few more shots:) You have such a great smile Casey.

Wowzers…my favorite. Your look here is ah-mazing!

Because every girl needs a little bit of country with the corn stalks.

You’re adorable Casey:)

The light here was perfect too…I love fences with back-lighting.