Emily :: Senior

Emily and I met last week for her senior portraits and caught the most beautiful late afternoon light. Sometimes you just get lucky and this day gave me some of the best light that I have seen in a while:) Of course, Emily told me that i ALWAYS find the good light, so that challenged me to make sure that I did! Emily is adorable—outgoing, fun, down to earth, and very, very real. We enjoyed chatting all afternoon. Anyway, here is her sneak peek:)

Really, this was an awesome spot. I’m not quite sure what that is that she is sitting on, but it looks cool:)

The light in this spot was p.e.r.f.e.c.t.

Told ya.

This is in the old foundation of a house in Maudslay State Park, I just like the white wall and the vines.

This little nook was really cool too.

Look at those eyes!!! So green.

And we definitely climb trees in my sessions.

And sit in flower beds;)

Enough with the perfect light already! This is one of my favorites Emily.

I just love this one too. This was a small patch of tall grass that we found.

This is definitely my very favorite of the day. Wow that light is incredible—oh, and the subject is not so bad either huh:)

You’re adorable Emily.