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Lynn & Rob :: Engagement

Lynn and Rob were such a great couple to photograph. We actually met for the first time at their engagement session and I love seeing for the first time with my camera how a couple interacts:) It was hot, hot, hot when we shot these (really people—it was 90-something degrees and huuuuuummmmmid all of last week and I had sessions EVERY day)! Seriously with the weather lately!

We started off a bit serious.

This is one of my very favorites of the day. This was just them—with no direction from me—and I love how it came out.

Love textured doors.

I adore this shot—the body language is awesome. Check out Lynn’s right foot…yes, yes, yes!

Thank you to the bright wall outside of American Apparel.

And thank you Lynn and Rob for sitting on the sidewalk for me:)

So worth it!

Lynn should know that I am going to stick this one in even if it is a joke. Adorable.

Ow…owww! This little pass-through had perfect light.

You two with the looks.

They did laugh a lot too:)

Fa-ha-vorite! I think they thought I was crazy but I love it:)

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