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Roselyn & Carlos :: Married

Roselyn and Carlos have a quiet way of looking at each other that lets you know they are speaking to each other with their eyes:) Their wedding day called for thunderstorms and on our way over to the venue it was POURRRRIIIING outside. We were soaked and I’m sure that they were probably wondering why we were damp and wrinkled by the time we got to them, because it wasn’t raining at all in Woburn. Ha, I love August days:) Anyway, here is their sneak peek.

Roselyn’s gorgeous gown.

I love shoes.

Roselyn is stunning and is so easy to photograph. Something about her smooth skin tone looks so amazing in black and white:)

See what I mean?!?!

Walking out of the church. This never ceases to make me smile.

My brides and grooms rock the house. Really, I love when they are willing to climb into doorways for me. I heart this shot of them:)

A favorite of Carlos taken by Simon. I love the natural laugh here.

The rings.

This was Roselyn’s idea. She liked that there were 6 swings and really wanted a shot of the bridal party here. I love the lens flare too.

Perfect light.

I love the emotion in a shot like this.

You two are hot!

A little back-lighting never hurt anyone:)

I love how they look at each other.

Roselyn’s beautiful bouquet.

And this is a great series of the bouquet toss. Notice how she hit the chandelier and the girl who caught the bouquet is holding both in her hand. I also love Roselyn’s expression. Priceless!


Gown: Maggie Sottero
Bridesmaids dresses: Bari J
Church: St. Charles | Woburn, MA
Reception: Hilton Woburn
Flowers: A Whole Bunch
Invitations: New and Blue
Hair & makeup: Salon Fabiano | Medford, MA

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