Jim, Jen, & James :: Family

I had so much fun photographing Jen, Jim, and James last week for their family portrait. I love when my clients hire me and say, “I really want to capture my child as they are at THIS moment in time” and that is exactly why Jen and Jim invited me out for an afternoon with them:) They let James run all around digging in the dirt, throwing grass, and rolling around all over the place. This was a very real photo shoot. Oh, and I was so tired after photographing James for the hour—how do you parents do it?!?! Crazy people! ;) Anyway, here is the sneak peek.

Meet James.

He’s kind of a cutie:)

And definitely a boy’s boy—picking up sticks, throwing grass, digging.

I love this shot of Jim and James:)

And this one of Jen and James!

I adore when kids just throw themselves on the ground and give a whole body laugh!


I’m gonna get you!

Here are a few family shots.

This is my pick for your canvas! Love it!!!

No, I don’t think that James is a happy baby at all.

Nope…not at all!

When Jen saw this on the back of the camera she said “yup, that’s them!”

We didn’t think James would sit for a “traditional” family shot, but he ended up getting tired at the end of the shoot so I grabbed one anyway.

Love those baby blues.