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Kim :: Senior

Kim was so awesome to photograph. Again, I don’t know how I got all the gorgeous seniors again this year, but I did:) Kim chose a perfect day for the weather, it was 70 degrees and gorgeous outside. We shot at the Glen Magna—which holds a special place in my heart because I got married there four years ago:) We had fun using all of the gorgeous property, and then we went to one of my favorite fields—because Kim wanted some tall grass—and we caught the perfect late afternoon light! Here’s the sneak peek.

I couldn’t decide between this one and the next, so I put them both up.

I love little roads that are lined with trees.

And hydrangea bushes.

The Glen Magna property has lots of cool spots, this was under the wisteria vines.

You’re stunning Kim.

I loved the way the light was pouring in under this tree…it was beautiful.

This is inside of the tree. This is a weeping beech tree and it is amazing!

I really love the light and composition of this one, the window on the right makes this shot for me.

Kim, you’re adorable.


Late afternoon light.

Kim is Matt’s girlfriend and he got her these cowboy boots, so I figured I would focus on them for a shot:)

This one feels real to me.

Tall grass.

One of my favorites from the session. This is just such an honest image, and I love the way the light is coming across her face.

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