Steph :: Senior

It had finally cooled down just a bit when we shot Steph’s senior portraits. Seriously, for weeks my shoots had all been done in crazy hot weather. But we got a beautifully windy day for Steph’s session and we even almost got chased out of an abandoned lot by some attack dogs (not really…I’ll explain).

You’re beautiful Steph.

This was right about when a guy came by and asked what we were doing. Really…girl with camera…other girl posing in front of said camera…what do you think I am doing? He then went on to tell us that we had to ask to take pictures (in the abandoned lot that we were standing in, oh, by a pile of tires no less) and said that he had attack dogs. No, not like he was going to send them out on us, but like we should ask first so they didn’t come after us. Attack dogs, in an empty lot…right. However, he never asked us to leave and so we kept taking photos.

I love the feel of this one.

Made you laugh:)

This was such a hard spot to get into but I love the shot!

Definitely a favorite of the day!

And this one too!


The wind, the back-lighting, the stance—love it!

Just a little beach grass.

One of my favorites. I don’t think Steph liked this when she saw it on the back of the camera. Too bad—I like it;)