Amy & Michael :: Married

Amy and Michael had a beautiful day for their wedding and we actually shot all of their formals in record time (because the light was fading fast). We shot outside of this same church—which isn’t common for us to do—just a few weeks ago and so we got extra creative this time because we never want to do what we have already done before. Amy and Michael, we hope you like the sneak peek:)

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Amy’s beautiful gown.

I really liked their invitations—the color matched really well!

She was stunning…and I love her laugh here (you’ll see a lot of this laugh)!

Here’s their son Jackson looking adorable with his suit and bowtie:)

Just before her walk down the aisle…this was caught by Simon.

I told you she was happy:)

The hot bridal party. I have got to say…I love me some J Crew bridesmaids dresses. Everytime someone gets them I fall in love;)

The haught girlies. Lourrrvvve the ivy on the walls against the great orange dresses.

The guys.

Bridesmaids bouquet.


Really, I love this shot! Amy thought I was crazy but she went with it anyway and it was totally worth it!

Love this one…this might be my favorite of the day!

Hello blue eyes.

You’re too cute!

Again with that great laugh.

Amy’s hairpiece was actually extra flowers that she had removed from her dress.

The light that was pouring in here was soft and beautiful.

See that beautiful warm light?!?!

Amy, you’re beautiful.

Amy did such a great job with all of the details.

Haha! My intern, Jess, was shooting with us at this wedding and she caught this great shot of Simon and I. I love how serious we are in this shot. Usually during the couple shots we get a little territorial over who the couple looks at but it looks like I’m winning here;)


Gown: Pronovias
Bridemaids Dresses: J. Crew :: Lorelei
Invitations: A&M Paperworks
Hair & Makeup: Bella Capelli
Flowers: Dogwood Floral
Cake: Andover Cakes