Colleen & Dave :: Engaged

Colleen and Dave hired me ages ago for their 2010 wedding:) I actually photographed Colleen’s sister’s wedding back in 2008 and I love when I get to share in another special day with a family:) Anyway, we met up in Amesbury for a few portraits and then went to my favorite field to finish out the shoot. Thank you Colleen and Dave for dealing with my migraine-induced-aphasia and waiting for my headache to pass—you two are the best!

This was one of the first shots and I just love it!

Perfect light.

I love the background colors here.

I asked Coleen to jump on Dave’s back and this was the great reaction that I got:)

The way Coleen’s foot is just touching the ground makes this image for me.

You two are so cute.

I liked this wispy grass.

Wowzers…my fav!

Check out that awesome sky!