Kim & Adam :: Proposal

OMG this was so much fun!!! So Adam contacted me about a month ago and mentioned that his girlfriend stalks my blog and he was wondering if I would be willing to do a “proposal” shoot…um YEAH! He was planning on proposing on Boston College campus and so we set up a day and time to meet and scope locations and we chose a “rain spot” as well as a “no rain” spot. The weather called for rain and snow on his chosen date but he decided to go through with it anyway. I am so glad he did, it was a perfect set up. We got no rain or snow (although it was quite cold outside) and Kim had absolutely no idea it was happening! Simon and I tried to stay far away for as long as possible to minimize distraction. It was very very cool to be included in such a great moment with this couple. Gah, I love these photos:) Anyway, take a look for yourself!

Yup, the very moment! I love how happy Adam looks and I love that you can just see Kim’s reaction with her hand gesture.

Simon’s view.

I think they might be happy:)

Yup…definitely happy:)

This was when Kim first realized that she was being photographed and this is her reaction when she found out it was me…too cute:)

I remember this feeling…it is so surreal to have a ring on your finger.

And this is one beautiful ring!

Okay, so it is just icing on the cake that my couples are this hot!

And this real!

And this in love with each other:) Look at how Adam looks at Kim…sigh.

One of my very favorites from the quick (and freezing cold) session after the proposal.

Yup…you two are hot!

I had to get one serious shot.

This is right outside the library at BC. They had a lot of memories here and so it was nice to be able to photograph them in front of such a great spot.

Simon’s view.

I just really like this series.

And I love this moment.

So I am a little bit—okay a lot—in love with Kim’s shoes.

You have such a great laugh Kim!

We wanted to give them a little bit of a fall background for one shot. I love Kim’s expression here:)

Really Adam, you truly thought of everything for your proposal! I felt so honored to be asked to photograph such a special event for you two. And Kim, you are adorable and I am glad we got to finally meet. I hope this first week and a half as a newly engaged couple has been AWESOME for you both!