Laura & Brian :: Engaged

I adore Laura. We met when we were both in our first year of teaching and were both part-time teachers and part-time permanent substitutes. We really had fun that whole year together and I knew from our conversations that she would be getting engaged soon. (Funny side-fact, Laura actually teaches at my old high school now). I also photographed Laura’s brother’s wedding last year—which was super fun—and so I was psyched when she called me for her wedding! Laura and Brian, you two were so great to photograph and I can’t wait for your wedding next summer:)

Laura said she was uncomfortable in front of the camera and then shot me this look! Uh-huh…sure you’re uncomfortable;)

Hello gorgeous!

I just like this one…just do.

And this one too:)

This was such a great little wall.

The colors were p.e.r.f.e.c.t.


This was a rusty little spot that I coaxed Laura to climb into:)

Brian looked at me like I had 8 heads when I asked him to dip Laura—seriously…check out that dip! So worth it!

I love the their body language here.

Serious. Game face. Go!

Um…you’re both cute.