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Meghann, Frank, and Frankie :: Family

Meg and I taught together in the same art department a couple of years ago. She was filling in for a colleague on maternity leave and we became fast friends. I miss her all the time but she is only teaching a few towns away from me:) Meghann is also the creator of my logo—which I still totally love—and now she has a new addition to take up all of her time:) Here is Meg, Frank, and Frankie!

I just like family moments like this one.

And this one.

Meghann, I love this shot of you and Frankie!

You knew I was going to put this one in:)

love the back-lighting.

Meghann, you’re beautiful!

I adore smooshy-family shots…you know, when everyone is all smooshed together!

Really, look at those blue eyes…really! Heartbreaker.

We got the most perfect light for their session.

The sneak peek photo.

Bubbles. This is a great shot of the three of you.

Apparently the gymboree bubbles are the best. I don’t know, I’m not a mom, but that’s what they say:)

You guys are great!

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