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Cold Feet

Yes I have cold feet, but not that type of cold feet! I have always had ridiculously cold extremities. I used to blame it on the smoking, but since that’s ancient history I’m not quite sure why I have cold feet? I hide my feet under Simon’s warm tush on the couch, the stick them onto his side of the bed in the middle of the night, I slide them under the toasty warm spot that my cat made on the covers, I hold them over baseboard heaters, I cover them in men’s wool socks and then put them inside sheepswool-lined-moccasin slippers—really, it’s something to see! My husband is the best, though, and he bought me a heater SPECIFICALLY for my cold feet. Aaahhh love…and warmth. However, Guinness also really likes to lay in front of the heater and steal my warmth and so I stick my feet under him while I am working at my desk. Here he is at his regular post under my desk, and I know that soon he won’t be able to fit anymore. He used to lay under there when he was only 9 weeks old and let me work for hours (I wish I had a picture of that).

Oh I just adore him.

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