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One last opening for 2010…

I just recently had a cancellation for this wedding season and so I wanted to let you all know that I now have one last opening for 2010. Contact me if you would like to chat about your 2010 wedding:)

And because no post is good without an image…here are a few of me from last year’s weddings that Simon grabbed. Apparently I have a lot to say while shooting:)

Hold it like this.

What about the light riggghhhht…here?

I think I’m saying something about cheese here…I really love cheese.

Right abbbouuuuuut…there!

Okay, I’m not saying anything here. I think I’m mad at Simon for making fun of me about something. Yeah, that looks like the “I’m-mad-at-you-for-making-fun-of-me” type of face I make:)

Really folks, if you can’t laugh at yourself then you are in big trouble! Haha…I can definitely laugh at myself:)

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