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Editing Foods

Every photographer has specific foods that she has on her desk while editing. These are dangerous foods to say the least. The problem is that while you are answering emails, culling and selecting photos, editing images, blogging, etc.—you are also EATING without any thought! Dangerous! Maybe that’s why I have an extra 10 pounds hanging around my belly lately?!?! Oh well, here is my very favorite editing food and I did manage to close the bag and take a picture of it…so that’s something right??! Anyway, I’m so sorry that I have been so remiss on my blogging. I know that I have so many fantastic people who visit my blog daily—I know you do and I thank you for it—and I’ve had nothing good up here for so long:( Well, I have some big news on the way and my life has been just really crazy lately. And before anyone goes jumping to conclusions…no, I am not pregnant. A 28 year old married woman CAN have big news without it pertaining to pregnancy. You’ll see. I promise I’ll have more stuff up as soon as my life calms down a little bit.

Mmmmm…original Goldfish. How do I love thee?

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