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The Social Network

So I’m not a huge fan of social networking (you know, facebook and the like). I don’t usually post anything on my personal facebook page, am terrible at personal status updates, and tend to block people from a whole lot of things (hey, I put so much of my world on my blog that I just don’t feel comfortable with Facebook—okay, I’m a little bit of a hater). Except, and this is a big EXCEPT, I am loving my business Facebook page. Seriously, if you are not part of the Lexi Photography facebook page you are missing out! I post at least a few times a week there and have been putting up “night of” or “day after” sneak peeks because it is totally the funnest thing EVER! So, you should really head over and “like” the page, that way you can see what I’m up to over there when I’m not posting here. It is a bit harder to write something for every photo like I do here, so I like just putting up a quick wall pic or a small album on FB before I post it on the blog.

Here’s a quick screen shot from yesterday. I popped up that last post an hour after I got home from the session. Yay for quick uploads:)

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