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California here we come…

So it’s official. I am on the road to California. Well, at least I will be by the time this post pops up on the blog:) I am hoping to keep you up to date on our travels (because 8 hour days in the car is going to be crazy) but we are visiting some very cool spots on our way out to LA. I’m excited, not really prepared, and very tired. I had two awesome weddings this weekend (sneak peeks on my Facebook page) and I’m hoping to share some images from those with you very soon:) If you email me in the next 2 weeks and I take a little bit longer to get back to you please remember that I am probably driving with no access to email:( Anyway, I’ll see you on the flip side!

This is the map of our move across the country. We literally could not get more coast to coast than this move. We are going to be living only blocks from the ocean on the west coast…VERY cool!

Oh, and here is a quick shot of our third passenger and buddy during the trip. Guinness is totally ready for his move to the west coast—wayfarers and all!

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