Dumb Party Tricks

So I can do the dumbest of all party tricks. I can juggle. Really. I don’t actually know how I can juggle because the person who taught me how to juggle can’t catch a thing to save her life (sorry but it’s true mom). But I can juggle and I had Simon shoot my mad juggling skillz the other day in the beautiful Santa Monica sun for a section on my new website (yes, I have a fab new site that I have been working on FOREVER that will launch before the new year). Anyway, in editing I found this very funny set. But then I wanted to figure out how to make it flip between images because it is ridiculously funny;)

Um, really with the beautiful west coast sun in December?!?! I complain about a LOT of stuff here and I am totally an east coast girl right down to the core but you really cannot beat this gorgeous light this late in the year!

Wait for it…it might take a second to load all of the images but it’s totally worth it!
I love how animated I get while juggling. Don’t ask, I have no idea what I was laughing at. Myself probably.

Hope this made you laugh too:) Have a fabulous weekend!