Press :: Featured on So You’re Engayged

Today a couple of my favorite women are featured on So You’re Engayged, which is a fabulous website devoted to LGBT marriages and planning. What drew me to SYE is their focus on beautifully photographed same-sex marriages, which I feel is a niche that had not been filled prior to their blog. It seems like this was a long time coming, I am so happy that SYE exists and I am beyond honored to be featured on their site today.

Andrea and Julie had one of my favorite weddings ever. I know that is quite a lot to say, but honestly, these two women are incredible. They are both kind, talented, smart, and successful women—not to mention beautiful inside and out—and their wedding was all about them and celebrating among their family and friends. Because I shoot lots of weddings I can really tell when a couple works hard to make their ceremony and their reception their own and Julie and Andrea did just that. Again ladies, thank you thank you for inviting me to share in your day and I’m so excited to relive it again through your SYE blog post! To view their whole post click here!