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Vegas Baby!

Ugh, so I realize that I have neglected the blog BIG TIME lately! I have never gone this long without blogging about something, but things have been crazy and I have SO MUCH to fill you in on that it will take a few (hundred possibly) posts to actually catch you up. In the meantime, I’m in Vegas this week at the WPPI convention hanging with my girl Angela and we are having a blast! We’ve met some awesome photographers and learned a ton of stuff and got to look at everything known to man that is related to wedding/portrait photography;) I’m back to LA tomorrow and then traveling again to the east coast and on and off planes for the next three weeks so bear with me:)

Here I am with Angela in Toronto last August. I kind of love this shot of the two of us:) I promise I have a blog post coming up of that trip and the wedding I shot with her too!

The fabulously beautiful Angela. We did impromptu headshots of each other during a shoot at El Dorado Canyon.

And here is a shot of me that Angela took…kind of like it;)

  • Simon - you’re so money and you don’t even know it :)

  • Lois - You’re gorgeous!
    Got the cd and love it! If you couldn’t tell already from my facebook page!!

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