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So I kind of like 6 hours flights now. I mean I don’t really like them but I am used to them and find that I can get a ton of work done:) And it’s no big secret that I love the east coast…especially east coast summers—the east coast beaches with the dunes and sea grass are way better than west coast beaches, dairy queen vanilla cones, lobster rolls, boats on the river, Maine (need I say more), Martha’s Vineyard, balmy nights, the tented weddings…aaaahhh summer.

So it is official that I will be back on the east coast for the summer of 2011 and am booking my weddings with no travel fee for my flight home! If you have contacted me recently, or avoided contacting me because you were afraid of the travel fee, I just wanted to let you know my official bi-coastal schedule. I’ll be back on the west coast for a couple of weddings in the summer, but will generally be on the east coast from May through the middle of August at least.

I looked through some pics to find good images that represented my love for east coast summers and now I am nearly frothing at the mouth for the summer to come. I do like my new home in California—the light is amazing here, the sun shines almost year round, the beaches are huge, the sidewalks are clean, the people are nice. But MAN do I love east coast summers. I swear you can smell the salt in the air and feel it on your skin on the east coast. It imbues everything with a sense of renewal and it is only 10 weeks long so people love it and take advantage of it and everything is summer-like. I am dying looking at these pics so I’ll just post a couple from Martha’s Vineyard last year and patiently wait until the warm weather hits the east coast:)

This is Gay Head Lighthouse. Up-island in MV has one of my very favorite beaches too!

My favorite drink in the summertime. Arnold Palmer (which is always really hard to order…I routinely mess it up)! It’s iced tea and lemonade, that way you don’t have to choose between the two best summer drinks:)

Guinness-boo on the porch in MV!

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