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Procrastination, Is A Part Of Life

Simon is sitting on the floor singing that to me right now. He’s making a Roomba robot (I soooo wish I was kidding about that—I’ll have more on this development soon). I, on the other hand, am procrastinating. I have an enormously large pile of receipts to input into my excel lists (whatever…I’m totally old school with my book keeping) and instead of doing the zillion other things I have to do, I am doing nothing. I am overwhelmed by that pile and so even though I could be editing photos, preparing business related blog posts, cleaning the apartment, hell even watching TV—I am tinkering on the computer doing NOTHING!!! Looking at forums for the ninth time today, checking Facebook (which I usually do once a week), checking the weather, google maps-ing directions to a place I’ll probably never go to, figuring out where to get a pedicure tomorrow, you know the deal. Oh procrastination, why must you plague me so today?!?!

Picture of said receipts. I think I just want acknowledgment for the ridiculous task I’m about to take on.

Anyway, here are a few shots from Joshua Tree National Park that Simon and I took a few days ago. We went on a spontaneous night to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree for no reason at all. A friend called me and was all “what are you doing in Joshua Tree?” and I was all ” why not” back to her:) Really, I’m in a why not phase in my life and I kinda like it:)

We waited around all day for the perfect light.

Totally worth it I think, don’t you? This is my shot of a Joshua Tree.

Simon’s shot. Gah I love this one! The tire marks and the curve of the road totally make this shot for me.

Okay, okay. I’m determined to get through that pile of receipts. This will be done before I post Kelsey and Kyle’s engagement pics tomorrow. I swear!

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