Weekend Bouquets

I had 2 fabulous weddings this past weekend. If you haven’t seen the sneak peeks on my facebook page then get your tush over there and take a look! But I’m in the middle of editing (yes, I edit until late into the evening) and I have to give a shout out to the amazing florists this weekend. The flowers and bouquets at both weddings were out of this world!!! Here’s a quick sneak peek of the floral goodness from this past weekend:)

First up will be Casey and Tony. Casey’s flowers were done by Petalena, based in Boston.

Next up is Marthé and Ryan. Marthé’s flowers were done by Lauren of Raspberry Bouquet, based in Charlestown.

Gah, they’re both so beautiful. I can’t pick a favorite…I kind of love that I can’t choose, by the way:) The two blog posts are coming up soon (because I’m CRAZY like that and love to have things finished within a week)! Back to editing.